Kay’s Craft Shop

All of Kay’s crafts are one of a kind and hand crafted.

Merry Christmas Ribbon WreathSOLD
24″ Ribbon wreath is filled with the joyful message of Christmas. Perfect for a door or mantle. Traditional red-green ribbon is mixed with a “Merry Christmas” ribbon and pine cones.

Star Bell WreathOrg. $110
Red ornaments and frosted tips give this wreath a winter’s touch. Twine bells and star give a traditional home flair.

Peppermint Way Used $125
Red and white ornaments adorn this 24″ wreath. Ribbon and bows give this holiday candy a sweet touch.

Holly and the Birdie – $80
This is a two part set. Garland with holly, gold poinsettias and pine cones. Long feathered tail bird resting upon a full branch of holly berries and pine leaves. Perfect for mantle or window treatment.

Frosted Holly Branch $45
Holly and pine cones frosted with and accented gold holiday ribbon. A perfect simple touch to a table or fireplace. Driftwood sold separately

Customized Crafts!price based upon request
If you want something specific to your needs and handmade with your heart in mind, schedule a consultation today.

If you would like to purchase from Kay’s Craft Shop, contact us.

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